segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

FA CI KUO KA DUO SHOU... dizem que é meu nome em Mandarim (chinês) e o significado (sorry o inglês)...


Each characters explains as follows:
Ca meaning: To clean
Duo meaning: Much
Shou meaning: Longevity
Fa meaning: Get rich
Ci meaning: To give
Kuo meaning: Wealthy
Traditional Chinese names are often represented by three characters; the first character represents your family name whilst the next two characters constitute your given name.


CA in Chinese is to clean. You are very clean, and like your surroundings the same way. You are also very honest and never take advantage of others for your own gain. You are also a warm-hearted person who enjoys helping pother people.

FA in Chinese is to grow and get rich. FA is a very important word in Chinese life because everyone strives to be rich. Many Chinese use the name FA for their children or their businesses.

CI in Chinese is to give. You were born as a gift from the heavens, destined to bring joy to whomever you touch.

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